Thai vi temple

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Thai Vy Temple was built during Tran Dynasty with typical architecture of temple in Vietnam at that time. The architecture style of “noi cong, ngoai quoc means 3 temples were constructed like word “Cong” with c-haracter like this (), and surrounding defensive citadel was constructed like word “quoc” with c-haracter as follow: (). Pillars of temples which were made of monolithic stone, carved with meticulous c-haracters, and images.

Aerial view of Thai vi temple

Temples was constructed right in the ground whe-re King Tran Thai Tong chose to build ancient imperial palace Thai Vi. In front of the temple is Ngoc Well (Pearl Well) which was built f-rom green stone. In the middle of temple yard is 2-storey bell-tower, with eight-roof of tile, 8 corners of the bell-tower roof bend like the tail of phoenix. The bell inside was casted in 1689.

Thai vi temple is spiritual spot for many to come to commemorate merits and contributions of generations of kings Tran. Every year, Thai Vy Temple Festival takes place on the 14th day of the 3rd lunar month, with numerous activities such as palanquin procession, sacrifice ceremony, human chess playing, wrestling contest, dragon dancing and boat rowing, etc.