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Ninh Binh recognised as second- category city

THUrsday - 21/08/2014 14:44
Ninh Binh City is not only a political, economic center but also a center of culture, history and tourism of Ninh Binh province.Master plan for socio-economic development in the Red River Delta and that of Ninh Binh province have affirmed the role of Ninh Binh city in stimulating industry and tourism, trade sectors of both Ninh Binh province and the whole Red River delta region.

The city is the southern gateway to the Northern coastal region, and it is regarded as a national tourism center which offers diverse types of tourism such as eco-tourism, recreation tourism, cultural tourism, social tourism and religious tourism…

More than 9 years since it was recognized as city of category 3, and over 6 years since it was called a city under the direct administration of Ninh Binh province. Ninh Binh city has gained important achievements in all fields, social and technical infrastructure have been invested and upgraded, thus improving its resident’s living standards. The city posted an average economic growth of 15.37% for the last 5 years, and the per capita income averaged 31.6 million VND in 2013.

(Source - baoninhbinh.org.vn)

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